Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feature Wednesday - Vitaly S Alexius

Today I'd like to introduce you to the art of a very talented digital artist, Vitaly S Alexius. 

I stumbled onto his comic, Romantically Apocalyptic and was instantly hooked. It is the most beautifully rendered post-apocalyptic art ever. Possibly the most beautifully comic art rendered. Though the story has gotten rather convoluted as of late.
It follows the very convoluted and sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes trippy adventures of Zee Captain and his, well, minions (otherwise known as nuclear breakdown survivors).

Once you start reading it, I feel like it will not be possible for you to not like Zee Captain and his mug. Or Snippy. Or the Pilot. There is no way for me to tell you what is so attractive about the characters or the story, it's like the Matrix - you must see it for yourself.

When I was reading it, something about its tone, the sense of humor, or maybe the sensibilities (or lack thereof) kept dinging at me, and it wasn't until I realized that the creator is a Russian transplant in Canada that it clicked. I will sound absolutely and completely self-serving, but there ain't no sense of humor like that of a Russian transplant in the Western world. The two universes overlap and create a whole new layer of funny.
But, considering how many followers this comic has (there is even an effort to fund a live-action version of the comic that is well underway), RA's sense of humor is not just for Russian transplants.

(Oh, and do check out his portfolio after you're done with the comic, it's rather stunning, as well).

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