Thursday, October 25, 2012

Da Moooon!

Worker Bee by elfinity
Worker Bee, a photo by elfinity on Flickr.
We now return to your scheduled baby stories.

Yesterday, D2 and me went outside before dinner. That means the deck. Which is full of leaves. Which means that D2 handed me the broom, as is his tradition, and bade me to go at it.
He always does it.
It's insane.
And if I try to weakly weasel out of my cleaning duties, because I am human and because I just swept the damn thing like yesterday, and I know leaves are on it, but - come on! - it's fall.... nope.
He just wanders after me, broom in hand, refusing to be distracted by frivolous activities such as swing or bubbles, and peeps at me.

In D2's vocabulary, peeping is a sign of protest.

"D2, you want some water?"
"DAAAAA!" (means "yes" in Russian).
"D2, you want your diaper changed?"
"Meep-meep, meep-meep!"

Anyway, after the deck was spotless, and D2 assisted me by carrying 4 leaves personally - personally! - to the edge of the deck (causing a small heart attack in me, but who's counting that!), we decided it was ok to get on the swing.

Except! There was the moon in the sky. D2 has seen the moon ("luna") before and knew what it was, so he readily pointed it out in the sky and said, "NA!"
I said, "Yes, luna is in the sky."
He waved his hands vaguely around himself and said, "MA?" (which is short for "nema", Ukrainian for "there isn't").
I agreed that indeed, there wasn't a moon around us.
He pointed to the moon again and reaffirmed, "NA!"
I concurred that, indeed, the moon was still up there.
He pointed around him, made a cute gesture with his hand and said, "MA?"
I validated his observation on the absence of moon in our closest vicinity.

For 10 minutes.... Let me repeat as it sinks in your minds... for 10 minutes we conversed like that.
"Yes, it's up there."
"Nope, it's not down here."
"Yes, it's still up there."
"Nope, not a single moon on the deck."

It was so cute that I almost didn't mind.


  1. Love the interaction between Mother & Son - only Moms' understand the complex language of a child :)

  2. thank you! Yes, it is all very complex for D2 and it's very enjoyable to see and be part of ^_^