Monday, December 31, 2012

Manure and Roses

Today's big thought comes from a garden.

Well, that, and a conversation I had with my friend, whom I gifted with a bunch of flower magnets that I made. She thanked me for the cubicle garden that she now can enjoy and I told her I'd make her whole life a garden if I could, because she's going through a lot right now.
And my friend said that her life already was a garden, and currently she was tasked with turning the soil, in the areas where ground was no longer sustainable, to create nutrients for future flowers.
Which, I think, is a beautiful statement and a frame of thought to have.

And that made me remember coming across the old line recently about how when life hands you a pile of manure, don't despair, because the prettiest roses bloom in the manure. Because I was at a super low point of my life at the time, I thought, "Yeah, but when there's too much manure, the roses choke and die."
But, being an amateur gardener that I am, I never thought of turning the soil in such an occurrence.

So, from all that, here is the wise thought for the day:

"When life hands you a pile of manure, don't just sit there expecting pretty flowers, but get to work, turning the soil and deciding which manure to bury and which to spread. Oh, and be careful not to mangle the roses in the process."

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