Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Fat Fighter

My Fat Fighter by elfinity
My Fat Fighter, a photo by elfinity on Flickr.

In an effort to be more organized (lest this blog becomes "all babies, all the time!") I've decided that this is going to be 5 days a week blog, with Mondays being Fun Pic Monday, Fridays being "Tips, Tricks, and DIYs" and the middle of the week being a written post about children, art, or dolls. Or books. Or movies.

So, as the first official Fun Pic, I give you - My Fat Fighter.
We have this brewing machine at work, where you put in a packet and it gives you a steaming cup of coffee or tea of your choice. However, this one tea packet verbiage has been cracking me up, because it says, "Your Fat Fighter" and all I can picture is this sumo wrestler (sketch of said wrestler included.)

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