Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First World Problem

So, I need to make some earrings, but I don't have one tiiiiiny finding for it.
The project is not a rush, but it IS sort of a commission, so I can't just shelf it.
But I feel like I can't afford the time to drive all the way to the craft store to get it (it would be a bit of a hike), and I can't justify ordering it online (because paying a $2 for the piece - or less - and then paying $6 shipping is a bit insane).
I don't need anything else to bundle with it, and thus make everything more worth my while.

I looked on ebay, to see if anyone has it with free shipping, and oooh boy. There are several auctions for, like, 100 of these things, for, like, a dollar with free shipping. From China. Which is not a problem, except for the time it would take... And also I have a bit of a problem with - What am I going to do with 98 of them? I only need a pair, for crying out loud, and I don't think I'll ever in my lifetime use up the others. Put them back on ebay?

So, like I said, First World Problems.

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