Monday, February 11, 2013

Saturday Night

Saturday Night by elfinity
Saturday Night, a photo by elfinity on Flickr.

Yes, I went clubbing, yes, I danced my feet off, yes, it was a ton of fun, and YES, it was a tremendous ego boost.
I love going to small venues for specialty events, because the percentage of jocks is very low, so I was only "cred video-d" once (this is when a jock starts dancing with a chick while his friend is making a video with his phone to later prove to their buds that they totally got it on) <- That was a new experience for me, since the last time I clubbed, smart phones were the realm of geeks ^_^
However, I did get a confession of love, and a ton of compliments from the boys, and a ton of hairy eyeballs from the girls, which are really like compliments (because they tend to not realize I'm not competition and I tend to not keep eye contact with anyone anyway, so as not to trip).
A couple of dudes I danced with thought they knew how to lead while dancing to trance and they did not, but it was still AWESOME night! YAY!
Philly has some good techno-trance spots if you know where to look ^_^

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