Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Armchair - BEFORE and AFTER

The Armchair - BEFORE
Armchair - AFTER by elfinity
The Armchair - AFTER

So, normally, I am very envious of people who can see the potential in a piece of furniture, because I'm a little handicapped in that area. I look at the amazing things people have done, and think, "How come I never see anything like that?"
So, this is a pride piece.
Because this lovely rocking chair have been sitting in my parents' living room, left over from when we didn't have much, and my dad wanted it out, but did not have the heart to get rid of it. And for once, I totally knew what to do with it!. I painted the wood charcoal to match the furniture in our office, and upholstered in gold damask for contrast. YAY me!


  1. The chair looks amazing now. Great job! And I'm like you. I'm better at admiring other people's imaginations in this regard than seeing the potential on my own.