Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feature Wednesday - Creature Cups

Today I want to throw a little spotlight on an etsy shop called Creature Cups.
They make - good guess! - cups with little creatures inside. So when your cup is full of hot chocolate or coffee or tea (if you take it with milk) everything appears to be normal, but as you sip, the creature on the bottom starts to peek through. It's a really awesome idea, and I haven't seen the critter-on-the-bottom-of-cup done in this style before, although I've seen other cups like this.

When D2 was little, we saw a similar cup, except the creature on the bottom was a goofy giraffe. So we thought, in our blitheness, that it would be a cool cup to give him, since at the time he loved anything giraffe-related. We could not have been more wrong. We poured some cocoa in it and called him over to enjoy and discover. D1 took one look at our grinning faces and decided that something was up. He took the cup and peered at it. The giraffe lurked goofily in the murky cocoa waters. D1 looked harder and then took a tentative sip. When he put the cup down, the giraffe just about broke the surface and D1 FREAKED OUT. Majorly. We could not get him to even look at that cup for several months after.
Eventually, it was his favorite cup, and he was extremely upset when it finally broke from all the heavy use.

I suppose my point is that be cautious who you buy these cups for, because do you really want to be responsible for a heart attack? So, maybe, your great-grandma and your toddler child/niece/godson is not the best candidate, but boy, can't you just see it as a perfect gift and a source of glee for teenagers, young guys, older guys, quirky girlfriends, horror movie junkies, sea-live lovers and so on and so forth?

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