Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Friday - Painter's Tape Wall Art

Ok, today I will tell you how to make some dramatic yet easy wall art. You can make it in any colors, and while I used painter's tape, you can use duct tape or washi tape or any other kind that you may prefer (or just have laying around your house).
Back in college, when I took all those basic design classes and color theory, my professor was very much a stickler for precision and for even lines and such. I understand the reasons, but I could never paint as straight as he wanted, so I didn't do so well in his classes. However, I always did like the ideas that he taught, so now, years later, I finally achieved the perfection with painter's tape!
Let's get kickin':
 First, you need a canvas, a can of spray paint (I went with black), and two colors of painter's tape (I had the blue and a pink (not sure where I got the pink one, though)).
Also, you'll need wax paper, a knife and a ruler.

First, spray paint the canvas. Let it dry.

In the meantime, measure out the grid that you want your design to be. Pink tape was 3/4" wide and blue was 1" wide, so my grid was 2" apart with 1.5" border.

On wax paper, stretch out the lengths of the painter's tape that you'll use for thin strips. The length should be enough to wrap around the back of canvas for a clean look.
Cut the tape into 1/4" strips.

Take your canvas, mark where your grid will go.

 Start peeling the tape strips off wax paper. You must go very slowly, or the wax paper will not want to part with painter's tape.

  After peeling each strip, affix it to the canvas. Start on the back side of the canvas, adhere the tape, then carefully stretch and tape down each strip on the face side and finish on the underside of the canvas again. If you have to, use a spot of glue on the undersides to help the tape stick.
You should have the grid happening like in the photo above.

 After you are done with the grid, tape some strips of the other painter's tape to wax paper and cut squares. That part is pretty easy, especially if you are using transparent rules like mine.

 Then, peel and affix in the center of each intersection. You can easily eyeball the position of each square. Make sure you burnish the tape, so it adheres better.

After you are done with all the squares, I recommend spraying the whole thing with fixative, to make sure everything stays put. Alternatively, you can cover everything with modge-podge.


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