Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hate is a Conscious Choice

I wasn't going to share this, because I'm pretty sure everyone who this message would reach is already on board, but there is something that Matthew's mom, Judy, said that struck me:

Most perplexing thing for me about hate is that it's a conscious choice: you choose to do that, you learn to do that...

and I thought - how true.
D2 does not know how to hate. He loves everything and everyone he sees. Those who perpetuate the cycle of hate, those who teach their children to hate (and oh, you can TELL them all you want, but what you really need to watch is what you DO) are committing the most atrocious crime, because it leads to so many others.
Hate can be very casual, like using the word "gay" in a derogatory fashion. Like using the word "bitch" casually (and I'm guilty of this myself). Like choosing to pass a judgement on someone just because their life choices differ from yours (unless those choices hurt others, of course).
All these things perpetuate the stereotypes and keep us all from moving forward. So, don't do it!

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