Sunday, June 20, 2010

Useless Shirt

Useless Shirt, originally uploaded by elfinity.

So, instead of going out and buying new (trendier) clothes, I went through my t-shirts and modified the crap out of them over this weekend. Mostly that involved cutting the necklines and sleeves. I've also lacerated one shirt, but haven't worn it yet.
This is my favorite (and now even more favorite!) shirt. It has a story.

Back in my days of working for YellowMan in New York, me and Lejka used to get a lot of back-stabby crap from the Yellow River people, who worked for the same boss. YellowMan was a new thing, and some of the Yellow River people maybe didn't like us? Don't know why. Maybe it's just a fashion thing. I never got that.

AAANYWAY. Me and Lejka worked like the damned, and produced a lot of stuff (out of necessity, I won't get into all the insanity). We were so overworked that we started having nervous giggle fits by Wednesday, and by Tuesday our vocabulary would already be reduced to "We need to send the, uh, the, uh... thing... to that dude... in that... place?" And the other person would actually know what it meant. Which was cool, but I digress.

So, one time, someone from Yellow River told our boss that we were completely useless, and that Yellow River people had to do our jobs for us (one supposes, out of goodness of their Yellow River hearts). It was complete BS and lies, and Lejka happened to overhear. I was too zen by then to react (it was a Thursday, I remember), but she was REALLY pissed off about it.
So, as we sat working on some t-shirt designs, she kept mumbling about us being useless. Then, somehow, she arrived at the idea that we'd make matching t-shirts. Mine would say, "USE" and hers "LESS", and every time that woman would pass our workplace, we'd just jump together to form the full word.

So I went and made us t-shirts that said "USE" on the front and "LESS" on the back. We wore them fairly often, but no one knew what it all meant, so they decided we were being very eco-conscious... You know, "Use Less"? ^_^

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