Monday, June 7, 2010

Drexel Fashion 2010

Drexel Fashion 2010
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On Saturday, I went to my old school's fashion show. Drexel University's Fashion Show has been long acknowledged as most professionally done student show in the area (and we've got several fashion schools). This one pretty much blew me away.

Keep in mind that students have to design, make patterns, sew and fit all garments themselves.

There was a lot of leather, a lot of hand beading, some hand-dyeing, among other things.
I took over 200 photos, not all of them good, obviously. I'll be posting them as I go through and sort them out.

I have to say, I have trouble staying unbiased, so there were some garments that I didn't take a picture of because I hated the model (if ya gonna slouch, learn how to do without making the clothes look poorly fitted!) and there are a bunch of one particular model that I enjoyed watching.

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